Certified 1859 by Committee of Council and in 1861 by the Home Office.  The managers having been obliged to remove from Pennywell Lane in consequence of a portion of the building occupied by them being required for the purpose of a cholera hospital.  The school was removed at Michaelmas and certified 23rd October 1866 for 180 boys.

The school was later called Mardyke School which closed 8th August 1924. 

The premises were formerly the Clifton Poor House which was extended to accomodate the boys.


1866 - Superintendent Mr Hibbins; schoolmaster Mr Hill

1867 - Superintendent Mr Hibbins and wife; schoolmaster Mr Palmer

1868 - Superintendent Mr Hibbins and wife

1872 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Hibbins.  Mr Hibbins had been nearly twenty years in charge of the school, having been its master in its earlier and more struggling stages of its operations in Pennywell Lane.  Schoolmasters Mr Smith and Mr Blackwell.

1884 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Hibbins; schoolmasters Messrs. Ransom and Kemp; yard and drill master Mr Worrall

1880 - Superintendent Frank L Lord; Head Schoolmaster John Edgar Wilshaw; Matron Mrs Fanny Lord; Schoolmasters William James Broome, A.A. Maddox, James Franks.

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs F. Lord; schoolmasters Messrs. Wallace, Yates and Phillips, all certified teachers; yardmaster and engineer Mr Worrall

1893 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Frank D. Lord; schoolmasters Messrs. Wallace, Phillips and Wightman

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Lord; head teacher Mr Franks.  The assistant teachers now are Messrs. C.P.H. Daniel, appointed 1st October 1899 and William Hunt appointed 1st March 1900.  The following assistant schoolmasters left  Mr W. Blea left 11th July 1899, Mr H.E. Glover who succeeded Mr Blea left 12th September 1900, Mr J.C. Hughes left 12th September 1899 was succeeded by Mr Sidney Fort who left 18th January 1900.

1903 - Superintendent and matron Mr F.L. Lord and Mrs Lord; schoolmaster Mr J.E. Wilshaw; first assistant Mr E.O. Showman; 2nd assistant Mr James left May 1902 and was succeeded by Mr J.A. Allwood.