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Returns to an address of the Honourable House of Commons, dated 2nd March 1825; - for

An account of the number of boys apprenticed to Chimney Sweepers, under the provisions of the Act of the 28th Geo. 3, c. 40, at the several Police Offices within the Bills of Mortality, during the last Twenty Years; distinguishing, the number of boys so apprenticed in each year; the Police Office at which bound; the Parish from whence taken; the name and residence of the Master; the name and age of the boy, and evidence of such age:-

1.      From the Lord Mayor

2.      Bow Street Office

3.      Hatton Garden

4.      Marlborough Street

5.      Mary-Le-Bone

6.      Thames Police

7.      Worship Street

8.      Queen Square

9.      Whitechapel

10.  Union Hall


Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed 25th March 1825