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     It never has been the practice to keep any account of the apprentices bound at this office beyond the regular return of the fees received on each binding; and that no distinction has been made between those bound to chimney sweepers and others; so that we are unable to furnish the return, as required.

     In consequence, however, of the letter which we had the honour to receive from you on the 29th May 1823, on the subject of chimney sweepers apprentices, we directed a register to be kept of all future bindings at this Office; and we now enclose you an account thereof.  You will observe, that the account in question does not state the age of the apprentice, or what evidence of age was produced, (which is required by the recent resolution of the House of Commons;) but we beg to observe, that it has been our usual practice to examine a boy, offered to be bound to a chimney sweeper, apart from the presence of all the parties; and that a certificate of his baptism, extracted from the parochial register, has rarely been dispensed with, and then only when sufficient suppletory evidence could be otherwise provided

H.M. Dyer

J.E. Conant

9th March 1825.

Account of the number of boys apprenticed to chimney sweepers, under the Provision of 28 Geo.3,c,40, at the Police Office in Marlborough Street, from the 3rd June 1823 to the 9th March 1825.


Surname of Master Given Name of Master Surname of Boy Given Name of Boy By Whom, and when bound
STEWART Alexander TINSON John His Father, 9th July 1823
STEWART Alexander TINSON George His Father 11th July 1823
KENNEY William BERTHAM Edward His Father 7th October 1823
HICKS John HATTON John His Mother 28th October 1823
BENTLEY John DOWDON Joseph His Mother 23rd September 1823
HICKS John YOUNG John Parish of Drayton Beauchamp, 13th December 1823
LAMB George WESSELS Richard Charles Hamlet of Hammersmith 17th December 1823
GOWERS William AMOS John His Father 31st December 1823
COOK John TAYLOR John His Mother 1st January 2824
COLEMAN John BLIZZARD George His Father 8th March 1824
BARTLETT Thomas TYLER James His Mother 29th March 1824
SMITH Thomas BANKS Emanuel His Father 7th April 1824
WARN William GARDNER Henry His Father 7th August 1824
BENTLEY John TROWGATE Charles His Father 19th August 1824
DAVIS John LEATT William His Father 22nd December 1824
STEWART Alexander SULTZ Frederick His Mother 15th January 1825