Opened 16th April 1878.  Certified 15th June 1878 and re-certified 16th May 1888 - the number of children it was certified to take is unknown.  5th June 1903 the certified number of children was fixed at 300

Cessation of certification or closure 5th February 1912.

Regarded as a school for Roman Catholic children. 

An old, but substantial former Church elementary school.


1884 - Superintendent Miss Martha Tarry ; teachers, Miss Mallorie, Miss M.A. Lynch, Miss M.E. Robinson, Miss A. Hughes, Miss P Wall and Miss I Roberts.

1891 - Superintendent Miss Mary Mallorie succeeds Miss Tarry who went to Addison Street ; chief assistant Miss Ronayne assistant teachers, Miss Wylie, Miss M.A. Lynch, Miss A. Hughes and  Miss S. Connor.

1893 - Superintendent Miss M. Mallorie ; first assistant Miss Ronayne ; assistant teachers, Miss Cragg, Miss Lynch, Miss Connor, Miss A Mallorie ; two supplementary teachers Miss Roberts and Miss Cormack.

1900 - Miss Mallorie the superintendent died suddenly on 13th December, after service of 20 years.  Mrs Parr has been appointed superintendent.  Assistant teachers, Miss Swann, Miss Lynch, Miss Connor, Miss Agnes Mallorie, Miss Cormack.  Mrs McCullin appointed as an additional assistant.  Clerk Miss Clark.

1903 - Superintendent Mrs K. Parr ; deputy superintendent Miss S. Connor ; assistant teachers Misses E. Gidlow, E Reardon, M.A. Lynch, E. Cormack, D. Fitzmaurice and A. Mallorie.  Clerk, Miss Robinson, industrial mistress Mrs I Heald.  Since 22nd April 1903 Miss J. Nicholson has attended once a week as teacher of cookery and laundry work.