Number on the List -   38 Hannah Snaggs/Snuggs

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Mr Cane's district. reports Orphan Boarded out, with Without.


Hannah Snaggs, aged 13, at Windermere.  Supposed orphan.  Nothing known of parents.  Two years since from Whitechapel to another home in Windermere before this.  Well clad and shod.  Fare as family's.  Four meals a day.  Meat or fish daily.  Shares bed with Caroline Buyers, aged 10, boarded out from Bethnal Green.  Bedroom clean and suitable.

Protestant in Protestant home.  Attends Wesleyan Chapel.  Attends Miss Thompson's school in Windermere.  (No school report obtained).

Foster parents report: Willing and intelligent; has no complaint to make of the girl.  The doctor attended her for breakings out in the back last Christmas.  Appearance healthy, clean and tidy; well-nourished; cheerful.

House well situate in Windermere village.  Water supply very good.  No fever very near.  State of home good.  Two bedrooms.  One occupied by foster mother and two foster children.  Two: lodger, dressmaker.  Foster mother Miss Harrison, dressmaker.  Miss Preusser pays 4s a week with the children, and their clothing is provided.

Possible location of Hannah Snaggs in the 1881 Census - RG11/5206 - Page 31 Folio 81

West View, Applethwaite, Windermere, Westmorland.


Surname Given Name Relation to Head Condition as to Marriage Age Profession Occupation Where Born
HARRISON Mary Ann Head Unm. 39 Dressmaker Windermere, Westmorland
KRAUSS Amelia Lodger - 29 Dress Forewoman Brighton, Sussex
SNAGGS Hannah Lodger - 12 Scholar Middlesex
Looks like REIGN(S) could be BUYERS, see above report Caroline Lodger - 10 Scholar Middlesex