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Mr Cane's district. reports on Children Boarded-out under the care of the Windermere and Troutbeck United Boarding-out Committee.


Sarah Blake, aged 14, at Windermere.  Orphan; remembers her father.  Five years since from Whitechapel and Forest Gate School.  Well clad and shod.  Independent Church, all the household.  Fare as family's.  Four meals, and meat daily.  Has not been to school since Midsummer year.  Teacher reported favourably last time.

Foster parent reports very favourably as to her character; but, on account of an infirmity, she is put to sleep alone in an attic which is unfit for a bedroom.

The child looked well; has had no eye or skin disease.  Seemed quite contented and happy; expressed her desire to remain, and, in the absence of others, said that she was kindly treated.

House very well situated in Windermere village; water supply good.  No fever near.  One measles last year in the house.  State of house good.  Five bedrooms (1) Foster child in garret, (2) Foster mother and four children very young, (3) Foster father and his cousin who helps him in his business, (4) His father, (5) Two young boys apprenticed to business.  Foster parents, Mr & Mrs Leighton; shoemaker's shop.  Miss Preusser pays, and clothing provided.

Possible location of Sarah Blake in the 1881 Census - RG11/5206 - Page 9 Folio 70

Victoria Street, Applethwaite, Windermere, Westmorland.


Surname Given Name Relation to Head Condition as to Marriage Age Profession/Occupation Where Born
LEIGHTON William Head M 37 Shoemaker Staveley, Westmorland
LEIGHTON Mary Wife M 38 - Banffshire
LEIGHTON Agness Dau. - 7 Scholar Windermere, Westmorland
LEIGHTON Miles Son - 3 - Windermere, Westmorland
LEIGHTON Frederic Peter Son - 2 - Windermere, Westmorland
LEIGHTON Jessie Dau. - Under 1 mth. - Windermere, Westmorland
UDALL Agness Serv. - 36 Shoemakers Machinist West Bromwich, Staffs.
FOX Elizabeth Ann Serv. W 31 Monthly Nurse Kendal, Westmorland
HUDSON Edward Serv. - 15 Shoemakers App. London, Middlesex
BLAKE Sarah Boarder - 13 Orphan London, Middlesex