Number on the List -    27 & 28 Alfred Bridgeport and Lawrence Bartlett

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Summary of Mr. Lockwood's reports upon Children Boarded-out under the care of the Maulden and Pulloxhill Boarding-out Committee.


Alfred Bridgeport and Lawrence Bartlett were away when the inspector called on Mrs Gudgin.  They attend the national school in the village.  The foster mother has two grown up daughters living with her.  Water is brought from the village.  The foster mother described the Alfred Bridgeport as "dull of hearing, and inclined to be obstinate" and Lawrence Bartlett as "apt to pocket articles of small size, which he might find within his reach".  She hoped however, to be enabled in time to improve the character and disposition of both.  Both boys have had uniform good health, save that Lawrence Bartlett broker out in a rash in the spring, which, however, the foster parents did not consider of so serious a nature to require medical attendance for him.  A rood of garden land adjoins the cottage.

Possible location of Alfred Bridgeport and Lawrence Bartlett in the 1881 Census - RG11/1635 - Page 7 Folio 40


Surname Given Name Relation to Head Condition as to Marriage Age Profession Occupation Where Born
GUDGIN John Head Mar. 58 Labourer Pulloxhill, Beds.
GUDGIN Ann Wife Mar. 52 Straw Plaiter Pulloxhill, Beds.
GUDGIN Sarah Dau. Single 22 Straw Sewer Pulloxhill, Beds.
GUDGIN Harry Son Single 17 Boy Clerk Pulloxhill, Beds.
BRIDGEPORT Alfred Boarder - 7 Scholar Pulloxhill, Beds.
BARTLETT Lawrence Boarder - 5 Scholar Pulloxhill, Beds.