Number on the List -    26, 29 and 30 Henry Wallace, Henry Spencer and William Spencer

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Summary of Mr. Lockwood's reports upon Children Boarded-out under the care of the Maulden and Pulloxhill Boarding-out Committee.


Henry Wallace and Henry & William Spencer boarded out with Mrs Ansell are said to have every appearance of being well nourished, seem happy and are on good terms with their foster mother, who stated that she found them, for the most part, very manageable, and had discovered in them no vicious tendencies.  Wallace had, when the inspector saw him, a discharge from both eyes, which the foster mother attributed to a recent sting on his lip by a wasp, the venom having, in her belief, worked its way up into the eyes.  She, however, promised to call in the doctor next day.  William Spencer was said to have suffered from bad eyes upon arriving, but appears to have recovered, and is said to look well.  The three boys occupy the same bed in a bedroom of sufficient size, which is fairly well ventilated.  The inspector thinks, however, that the condition of Wallace's eyes must at present be a source of danger to his bed-fellows.  The inspector goes on to say, "The foster father is now almost incapacitated for work by paralysis, and it seems open to question whether, as he becomes more feeble in health and strength (which he inevitably must), the home, which hitherto has been an eligible one, will be one in which due justice can be done to the three boys in question".

Possible location of Henry Wallace, Henry Spencer and William Spencer in the 1881 Census - RG11/1634 - Page 28

Hall End, Maulden, Ampthill, Bedfordshire.


Surname Given Name Relation to Head Condition as to Marriage Age Profession Occupation Where Born
ANSELL James Head Mar. 49 Ag. Lab. Sharpenhoe, Beds
ANSELL Susan Wife Mar. 45 - Maulden, Beds.
WALLACE Henry Orphan Boarder - 9 Scholar N.K
SPENCER Henry Orphan Boarder - 8 Scholar N.K
SPENCER William Orphan Boarder - 6 Scholar N.K