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Summary of Mr. Lockwood's reports upon Children Boarded-out under the care of the Ampthill Boarding-out Committee.


This child is ostensibly boarded out with Mrs Arms, but as the latter was at the time of the inspector's visit, nursing a bedridden lady in the town, and had done so since December 1880, Bridget Savage is placed with the mother of the foster parent, Mrs Pratt, who occupied a two-roomed almshouse, and is in receipt of 4s. weekly from the trustees of the Feoffe Charity.  This amount, together with the weekly sum paid on account of the child, forms her sole ostensible income, and informed the inspector that she had never been ill since arriving at Ampthill.  She sleeps with Mrs Prat in her small second room.  Bridget Savage is described as a very "sharp" child, and is said to look very healthy.  She has passed the Fourth Standard.

With referenced to this case, the inspector says:-

"Though Mrs Pratt is very fond of the child, and no doubt is a very respectable old person, her home is not, I consider, a suitable one in which to place a pauper child with a view to inculcate of love of thrift, regularity and healthy independence, particularly a child of such keen perceptions as Bridget Savage, quick to receive impressions for good or evil.  It is however, but fair to add that she was place there in a hurry, her foster parent being urgently summoned to attend the lady above mentioned, and the child has been allowed to remain as at present, week after week, in the belief that her foster parent might, at any moment, be released from her charge".

Possible location of Bridget Savage in the 1881 Census - RG11/1634 - Page 42

Church Square, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

Surname Given Name Relation to Head Condition as to Marriage Age Profession Occupation Where Born
PRATT Sarah Head W. 77 - Ampthill, Beds.
SAVAGE Bridget Boarder - 8 Scholar Ireland