Certified 26th March 1868 for 150, The school moved from the old building in Gem Street to the new school, at Harborne, on 20th December 1902 and re-certified for 150.

The new school is situated 4 miles to the west of Birmingham, and comprises 7 acres of ground, of which the buildings occupy 1 acre.  2.1/2 acres are garden and the rest the play field.

Renamed Ansell School circa 1925 and re-certified for 130.  May also have used the name Tennal School, became an Approved School from 1933.  Closed 1984/5.


1868 - Superintendent Mr Crook & wife.

1869 - Master and matron Mr & Mrs May.

1872 - Superintendent Mr May; matron Miss Mears; schoolmaster Mr Valentine.

1884 - Superintendent Mr Wass; matron Mrs Wass; schoolmaster Mr Hardwick; assistant schoolmaster Mr Rowley

1891 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Kirk; schoolmasters Mr Robertson and Mr Clayton.

1893 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs Kirk; assistant matron Miss Mitchell; schoolmaster Mr Robertson; assistant Mr Clayton.  Remarks " Last August the boys were taken, in two divisions to Aberystwyth, for nine days each, and were going again shortly after the inspectors visit on 29th July 1893.  These seaside holidays have an excellent effect on the boys, both as regards health and conduct".

1900 - Superintendent and matron Mr & Mrs J.P.T. Kirk; head schoolmaster Mr W.G.S. Huddy; assistant schoolmaster Mr L. Sadler.

1903 - Superintendent and matron, Mr & Mrs Kirk; assistant matron Miss G. Mitchell; head schoolmaster Mr W. Huddy.  Mr J.W. Parratt left 19th December and was succeeded in February by Mr T.E. Skeer; assistant mistress Miss F. Marsden