Certified 10th November 1871 for 200 boys, re-certified 1924 for 150 boys.  An institutional building with 33 acres.  Became St. Thomas More Approved School in 1933, which closed in 1981.  In 1984 it became a centre for psychological cases.

The inspector noted that some 28 boys had emigrated during the year, 1884


1872 - Superintendent Captain Joseph Smith ; schoolmaster Mr Lawkins, previously assistant schoolmaster at the "Clarence"

1884 - Superintendent Mr Daniel H. Shee ; chaplain Rev. W. Spencer ; assist Mr D. Guinan ; schoolmaster Mr W. McMellon ; assistants Mr McCarthy and Mr Ross.

1891 - Superintendent Mr & Mrs Daniel H. Shee ; chaplain Rev. W.G. Cannon ; assistant superintendent Mr J. Guinan ; head schoolmaster Mr Ross ; assistant masters Messrs McCarthy and Franks

1893 - Superintendent Mr Daniel H. Shee ; chaplain Rev. J. MacFarlane ; assistant superintendent Mr John Guinan ; head schoolmaster Mr W. Ross ; assistant schoolmasters Messrs E. McCarthy and Joseph Franks.

1900 - Superintendent Captain Shee ; Assistant superintendent Mr Turner ; head schoolmaster Mr A. Webster ; 1st assistant schoolmaster Mr J. Franks, 2nd assistant schoolmaster Mr R. Lester appointed 28th January 1900 to succeed Mr Cremer.  Clerk and infirmarian Mr R Whiteside appointed 25th January 1900 ; chaplain Rev. John MacFarlane.

1903 - Superintendent, Captain D.H. Shee ; assistant superintendent Mr F. Turner ; head schoolmaster Mr A. Webster ; assistant schoolmaster Mr J. Franks ; assistant teacher Mr T Ryan left 14th April 1902.  Mr P. Cusack filled the vacancy from 14th April to 9th June 1902, when Mr E. Webb was appointed.  The chaplain Rev. J McFarlane died in August 1902 and has been succeeded by Rev. F. Soden.