Certified 6th March 1891 for 300 mixed.  Closed 31st March 1935, after the intention to close was announced on the 7th/11th? December 1934.


1891 - Superintendent Miss Martha Tarry, formerly at Bond Street Day Industrial School ; assistants Miss D Wall, Miss K Kearney, Miss A Russell and Miss E. Crawford ; clerk Miss M Higgins ; cook caretaker Mr Jennings.

1893 - Superintendent Miss Martha Tarry ; 1st assistant Miss Wall ; assistant teachers Miss Kearney, Miss Russell, Miss Griffiths, one supply teacher Miss Christie ; clerk Miss Higgins

1900 - Superintendent Miss Tarry ; head teacher Miss Kearney ; assistant teacher Miss Hughes, Miss MacMahon, Miss Agnes Ferns appointed 1st December 1899.  Miss Murphy left 31st July 1899, Clerk Miss Gregson ; manual instructor Mr Sandbach.

1903 - Superintendent Miss M. Tarry ; teachers Misses K. Kearney, A Ferns, W.L Griffiths, M.S. MacMahon and C.F Hughes.  Miss Cahill is acting as supply teacher until 31st March 1903.