A new school, certified 30th January 1884 for 100 girls. 

The School was closed in 1906 and the girls were transferred mostly to Darlington.

A former private house plus, farm cottages with additions, which were set in twelve acres.



1884 - Matron, Mrs Hamilton; schoolmistress Miss Radford

1891 - Sister Superior, Sister Magdalene, and three Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul.

1893 - Sister Superior, Sister Magdalene, and four Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul.

1900 - The school remains under the management of the Sister Superior and 5 sisters of Charity.  In the schoolroom Miss Corbett left 13th May; Miss Moran 8th September and Miss Cardem 8th November.  they were succeeded by Miss Chambers, 15th January 1900, and Miss O'Neill, 20th May 1900.  Miss Hunt left 14th September and was succeeded as dressmaker by Miss Clarke.

1903 - The school is under the charge of Sister Mary Christie, of St. Vincent de Paul.  Mrs Bowden left 31st March 1902 and Miss O'Neil left 13th August, Miss Kate Dineen and Miss L Connolly were appointed assistant teachers 1st April and 17th September respectively.