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Salter F Lce/Corpl. Army Service Corps.
Ross J Pte. 22nd Middlesex
Ross E Pte. 2nd London
Ross L Pte. 22nd Middlesex
Smith W.R. Pte. 12th Hants
Smith C.W. Attested
Bowles A Corpl. Army Service Corps.
Bowles C Pte. East Yorks Wounded
Bowles J Pte. 7th Middlesex
Makins J Attested
Betters A.J. Pte. Rifles
Johnson T.J. Attested
Eiffert L Rflman 17th London
Doyle J Driver Royal Field Artillery
Enever A Pte. 17th London Killed in Action
Enever C Pte. 17th London
Price M Pte. East Surrey
Baptist R Pte. 17th London
Mariner R Rflman King's Royal Rifles Wounded
Millhouse T Pte. Army Service Corps.
Millhouse C.H. Pte. 5th Middlesex
Millhouse T.G. Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Gee J Attested
Hart W Pte. 3rd Norfolks
Everett C.G. Pte. 13th Essex
Watts Wm. H Pte. 22nd London
Marchant H Attested
Harris J Attested
Lucas C 22nd Welsh
Hyett Alb. Attested
Marney J Pte. Army Remounts
Burden T Attested
Davis W Pte. 10th London
Newman J Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Piper J Pte. Royal Garrison Artillery
Burley F Attested
Coster H Pte. 21st Middlesex
Fentiman J Pte. 17th London
Holland W Driver Royal Field Artillery
Medoras J Sergt. King's Royal Rifles
Coleman J Attested
Hagley H.J Pte. 3rd Middlesex
Hagley T Pte. Light Horse Wounded
Winter J Trooper Queen's Bays
Clark C Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Clark H Attested
Escott J Attested
Line H Attested
Line W.H. Pte. Army Service Corps.
Levy H Pte. Royal Berks
Salisbury B Navy
Crow A Pte. A.V.C.
Sears C Rifle Brigade
Applegate H.J. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Applegate C Driver Army Service Corps.
Moffatt J Attested
Ginn G Pte. Royal Fusiliers Prisoner of War
Lee A.P. Pte. South Wales Borderers
Regan W Pte. 20th Middlesex
Rogers H Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Phillips H Pte. Army Service Corps.
Insole E Bugler Royal Field Artillery
Grainger T Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Marchant A Corpl. 2nd Scots Guards
Campbell W Driver Army Service Corps.
Maskell W Pte. Royal Engineers
Delaney D.E. Pte. Dorsets
Dewer J.R. Attested
Gould G.F. Gunner Royal Garrison Artillery
Oswald P Pte. Army Service Corps.
Sands E Pte. Royal West Kent
Madef J Lce/Corpl. 2nd Essex
Lee A Pte. South Wales Borderers
Sayer H Attested
Poyton S Corpl. Duke of Cornwall's L.I. Wounded
Poyton F.J. Attested
Exley R Dri(v)er Royal Field Artillery
Paris H Corpl. Army Service Corps.
Hodge A Pte. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Clark C.E. Trooper City London Imperial Yeomanry
Clark G Seaman Navy
Harvey R Navy
Reeves F Attested
Peak T Pte. 17th London
Peak M Pte. 17th London
Green J.T. Attested
Euden W.G. Corpl. 2nd Hants
Cole H Rflman Rifles
Farrell R Pte. 2nd York and Lancaster
Fuller H Pte. 17th London
Turner F Driver Army Service Corps.
Culley T.J. Pte. Royal Irish Rifles Wounded
Culley A.V. Pte. Norfolks