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Simmonds H Driver Royal Field Artillery
Dean C Sergt. 10th Fusiliers
Green R.A. Pte Royal Fusiliers
Meers C
Grimme T Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Grimme J Attested
Hayes W Pte 20th Middlesex
Hayes J Pte Royal Field Artillery
Hayes P Pte R. Hussars
Hayes L Seaman Navy
Grimme C Attested
Caine J Pte Army Service Corps
Strickland J Pte 1st Liverpool
King A Pte King's Own
Cooper A.R. Attested
Savage W.F. Pte King's Royal Rifles
Eaton W.F. Rflman Rifles
Rayner J.H. Pte Yorkshire
Rayner F Pte Rifles
Regan C Driver Royal Field Artillery
Oates J L/Corpl. Duke Cornwall's L.I.
Skews A L/Corpl. Royal Fusiliers
Haley C.W. Clerk Army Service Corps
Tucker N Navy
Tucker C Pte Army Service Corps
Alleway T Pte Leicester
Rowell J.E. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Harris A.G. Pte. Royal Marine
Dodson H Pte. King's Royal Rifles
Butler A Pte. King's Royal Rifles
Maynard J Driver Royal Field Artillery
Pengelly H Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Hosier R Rifles
Goggin A.C. Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Foley J Pte. Welsh Fusiliers
Penwell J.W. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Pragnell J Pte. East Yorks
Webber S.T. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Lee P Pte. Royal Engineers
West A.A. Attested
White E Driver Army Service Corps
Jones W Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Herston W Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Knight W Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Horlor J Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Plaistow M Pte. 6th Middlesex
Goggin R Pte. 20th Middlesex
Breden C Attested
Fox E Attested
O'Brien M.J. Pte. East Yorks
Farmer J Driver Royal Field Artillery
Hewitt W.A. Trumpeter Army Service Corps
Anderton S Pte. Royal Berks
Goodwin J Sgt. 6th Middlesex
Uren W.J. Pte. R.A.M.C
York E.J. Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Miller A Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Schultz A.M. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Dalton J Attested
Beasley G.H. Attested
Clark E Driver Royal Field Artillery
Fredericks C Attested
Lee A.J. Pte. Lincolnshire Wounded
Miller H.W. Attested
Bevan Wm. Driver Army Service Corps
Marchant A Attested
Goldstein H Pte. 2nd Middlesex
Goldstein I Seaman Navy
Wells W Pte. 10th Middlesex
Sullivan J Attested
Adams W.J. Pte. R.A.M.C
Adams C Pte. 17th London