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White R Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Redgate J.W. Stoker Navy
Esqulant H Attested
Tydeman F Attested
Tydeman C Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Young W.H. Pte. Army Service Corps
Moss F.J. Pte. Navy
Moss J.J. Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Moss W.T. Pte. Lincolnshire
Jacobs H Pte. Army Service Corps
Ford C Pte. Dorsets
Scannell F Pte. Army
Driscoll J Rflman Rifles Prisoner of War
Callagher J.D. Pte. Rifles
Burns G Pte. Essex
Lockwood J Pte. 17th London
Lockwood R Attested
Lockwood J.T. Attested
Wren C Driver Royal Field Artillery
Mier H Seaman Navy
Price H.W. Seaman Navy
Reid W.E. Pte. 17th London
Reid W Pte. 3rd Scots Guards
Hogman A Driver Royal Engineers
Tucker A.J. Bombr. Royal Garrison Artillery
Hayes M Pte. King's Royal Rifles Prisoner of War
Boyles Hy. R. Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Callaghan D Pte. Army Service Corps
White G Driver Suffolk
Fredericks H Pte. King's Royal Rifles
Edwards D Sergt. Royal Fusiliers
Mills T Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Loader W Pte. Army
Day J Corpl. Royal Fusiliers
Kelegher J Pte. Royal Field Artillery
Fowlers W Pte. R.A.M.C.
Hayes M Pte. Rifles
Waters M Pte. Royal Horse Artillery
Berry W Pte. Rifles
Phillips T Stoker Navy
Surguy T.M. Attested
Smith R Pte. 17th London
Veal R Pte. 20th Middlesex
Angeletto J Pte. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Ruffell J Driver Royal Fields Artillery
Roffey J Pte. 17th London
Lugg G Pte. Duke Cornwall's L.I.
Thornton P Pte. Army Service Corps
Mitchell J Pte. R.A.M.C.
Mitchell H Pte. 22nd London
Johnson E Gunner Royal Fields Artillery
Romanini L Pte. Rifles
Hines M Attested
Wakeman A Sapper Royal Engineers
Wakeman E Pte. Royal Engineers
Vincent W.T. Attested
Crawley R Pte. Army Service Corps
Slemoth C Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Starkey T.H. Pte. Royal Fusiliers
Belman D Gunner Royal Fields Artillery
Belman A Pte. 9th Royal Sussex
Cain J Pte. 13th Worcesters
O'Brien W Pte. Army Service Corps
Hague P.S. Pte. Civil Service Rifles
White F Pte. 3rd Middlesex
Hart T Attested
Mitchell W.G. Pte. 22nd London
Hill J Attested
Johnson G Pte. City of London
Johnson G (Senr.) Pte. Army Service Corps
Crawley R Rflman King's Royal Rifles
Crawley R Pte. Army Service Corps
Kayris A Gunner Royal Fields Artillery
Kayris Gunner R.H.A.
Watson J Navy
Gander W Driver Royal Fields Artillery
Gander D Pte. 3rd City London
Gander J Pte. 3rd City London
Gander C Pte. Royal Fields Artillery
Murphy P Pte. Royal West Surrey
Ashkittle H Pte. Middlesex
Lee Fdk.
Ellis G.W. Pte. Army Service Corps
Doolan J Stoker Navy