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Postchard A Pte Royal Field Artillery
Postchard H Pte Royal Field Artillery
Elliott F Pte Royal Fusiliers
Sharman R Attested
Boon A.R. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Sullivan Dennis Pte 6th Rifles
Leary A Pte 9th Worcester
Leary M Pte Royal Irish
Bryant D King's Royal Rifles
Fenn T Attested
Groves J Pte Rifles
McGrath D.J. Attested
Hatwell J Attested
Copeland W.H. Army
Newman H Pte Royal Field Artillery
Smith G Attested
Boulter C Attested
Manning W.V. Attested
Kelly J Pte Army Service Corps
Rose N.J. Stoker Navy
Applegate H.J. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Wright C Driver Royal Field Artillery
Bromwell G.H. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Gradley H Pte 3rd Dorset
Taylor J Attested
Sturla S Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Pearce S Sergt. Regulars
Hawkins H Pte Queens Royal West Surrey
Meager J Pte Northampton
Smith T Attested
Barnes W Attested
Orton O.S. Attested
Hilditch J.F. Driver Army Service Corps
Skelsey T Attested
Coughlin W Pte Army Service Corps
Murray R Pte Rifles
Houghton C Pte Army Service Corps
Fox C.J. Stoker Navy
Fox C Stoker Navy
Boodle F Attested
Pearson R Pte Royal Fusiliers
Scott D Stoker Navy
Campbell W Lce/Corpl. Army Service Corps
Treers J Pte Middlesex
Preston C Pte Army Service Corps
Wood J Pte 11th Middlesex
Clayton C Pte Royal Fusiliers
Walsh J Pte 7th Dorsets
Scott J Driver Army Service Corps
Day J Pte Royal Fusiliers
Bynon G.H. Pte Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Ginn E Pte Middlesex
Lamb F.D. Pte Army Pay Corps
Sweeting J Pte 5th Middlesex
Merry S Attested
Newman H Pte Royal Field Artillery
Kuyper W Pte South Wales Borderers
Kennett W.G. Attested
Seymour E Pte King's Royal Rifles
Dicks J Pte Royal West Surrey
Bromley G Pte Royal Fusiliers
Callaghan B Corpl. Royal Field Artillery
Tomey N.J. Signalman Navy
Tomey H Pte 20th Middlesex
Wedge J Pte 1st Yorks
Wedge S.T. Lce/Corpl. Duke Cornwall's L.I.
Jacobs C Pte Royal Fusiliers
Armsby J Pte Royal Fusiliers
Foote T Attested
Healey H.G. Pte 10th London
Worrow J.A. Pte Dorset
Worrow S.D. Driver Royal Field Artillery
Leary J Driver Army Service Corps
Leary B Attested
Cokeley J Pte Royal Fusiliers
Bartram A Pte East Surrey Killed in Action
Tullett C.E. Pte 2nd Queens
Russell F Rifleman Rifles
Commons H Attested
Cocklin R Driver Army Service Corps
Murphy D Pte Army Service Corps
Middleton J Pte Royal Field Artillery
Middleton J.W. Lce/Corpl. A.O. Corps
McCarthy J Driver Army Service Corps
Brownlow E Attested
James T Driver Royal Field Artillery
Carpenter W Attested
Hewer A Sergt. Duke Cornwall's L.I.
Thrower J.W. Pte Army Service Corps
Heath J Pte Army Service Corps
Matthews W Pte Army Service Corps
Matthews A Driver Army Service Corps
Cox W.F. Rifleman Rifles
Cox A.E. Driver Royal Garrison Artillery
Hart J Attested
Patston J Stoker Navy